Danny Blaker

Entrepreneur, Marketing tour-de-force, and Concert pianist

Danny is currently head of marketing at one of Australia’s most prominent enterprise technology firms – Ice-storm Digital Solutions, and either is currently - or has been - involved in delivering and project managing enterprise-level online platforms for large-scale corporate clients including ESI Insurance, NCIS Insurance, CorusApp, Monash University, and ARIA amongst many others. He has a wealth of experience in the start-up and technology sectors spanning over 10 years, and is the founder and co-founder of numerous companies and initiatives - most recent of which is Lean Startup Chat.

Danny's diverse skill set encompasses disruptive marketing strategy, business strategy, product design, data analysis (R, R Markdown, Python), graphics design, communications, social media marketing, project management, growth strategy, UX design, front-end web development (WP, Joomla, JS, Python, HTML, CSS), and corporate law.

Danny is also a spreadsheet expert and an online instructor teaching in all his areas of expertise at Udemy. His courses have amassed thousands of students to date.

Danny also blogs regularly – you can find his posts at Lean Startup Chat. And out of interest, he's also performed around the world as a pianist in his spare time.

You can reach Danny on twitter @DannyBlaker

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