Danita Art

Mixed Media Artist

My Name is Danita Art.

I Have been working since 2006 in Mixed Media Art, from paintings to doll making and everything you can think of in between. I have a unique style that you can recognize by the eyes of my characters. There is something special about them. They have a sweet melancholy deep within their colorful surroundings, maybe because that's how I feel when I paint, my emotions pour down the canvas and wood and I infuse everything I make with my heart, my emotions, and my soul.

I am a maker of things, a dreamer and a mother. I love creating things in the wee hours of night and I spend almost all of my free time creating or thinking about creating.

Art is my gateway. When I create, I travel to a word where everything is possible, dreams come true, animals are your friends and you can fly on top of a paper bird, just because you want to. It keeps me sane in a crazy world that spins faster that my head can, it keeps me away from the ugly, the bad and the things I can't understand.

This peaceful wonderland is dying to escape into our reality, and it does it trough my art, dying to show us that all we need is love. Every time you look at my paintings, you leave a comment or you take one home, you share a piece that dreamworld with me.

And I thank you for it, deeply, from the bottom of my heart. Because you let me know that a dreamer can dream, and that my dream is not that crazy after all.


My art is the hands of private collectors all over the world and some of my mass market greeting cards and posters are published by La La Land in Australia, and I am a frequent contributor to the Somerset Magazine publications.

You will find my latest work on my online Etsy Shop, and you will find my latest rantings on my blog and my Facebook Fan Page.

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