Danielle Volski

Quality Consultant


I have over 16 years of professional experience.

I have begun my career as a software developer, after graduating B.A. in Math and Computer science in 1998.

I have worked 8 years for Hi-Tech companies, among them EMC and IBM, each for 3 years.

In 2008, I have made a career change to Quality Management, including 8 months professional course - CMQ (Certified Managers for Quality) based on the ASQ (American Society of Quality) course content and I was certified by the ASQ.

In my first 2 years, I worked for a consulting company. 

Since 2010, I am an independent consultant.

I am consulting to various industrial and Hi-Tech companies, and teach them how to be a learning company.

I have great passion towards quality management.

Not only it's methods are smart and last longing, but they really save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Additionally, I have realized that it changes people lives, by ease they every day work, which can be smoother, and the contribution is realized using quality tools.

Of course, I use quality methods for my personal life as well, and it gives me enormous value.

So, I have taken my passion, and knowledge, to build this course and share it with you.


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