Welcome to my page! :)

I've just got my MSc level degree in mechanical engineering at Budapest University of Technology and Economics and I'm enthusiastic to share my knowledge and my love of engineering sciences.

I've been teaching and helping mechanical engineering students as a private tutor in various subjects for 3 years. Therefore I not only know how to understand a topic as a student but also how to make it understandable for others. I passed most of my subjects with an excellent mark and I hope I can help you to reach the desired mark or objective for yourself by ease, too. I offer guidance to understanding either if you are a student or if you want to refresh and widen your knowledge as an engineer in practice.

If you can trust me and follow my courses, I can take you from beginner level to be an expert of mechanics enginnering related topics. I came far on this road and I wish you great success, too!

I would also love to share my non-technical expertise such as my experiences about skiing. Don't be shy to check my courses! Even if I'm not trained in the topic, I have lots to share!

I'm looking forward to welcome you in any of my courses even if you are also an engineer wannabe or if you are interested in my further knowledge in other topics! It would be so much fun and honor to me to help you worldwide :)


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