Damian Smyth

Author, Coach & Speaker

Damian Mark Smyth is an author, coach and speaker and a regular contributor on the BBC, who helps people 'understand' stress and overcome their stress problems. Damian is the author of: DO NOTHING! and How to be Stress Free in 24 Hours! which are both available on Amazon. The foreword to Do Nothing! was written by Dr Jack Pransky, author of 'Somebody Should Have Told Us!' Damian is a coach in the Three Principles and has trained in NLP and value management in the corporate field for a number of years.

Damian has been through the mill and come out the other side, having been through divorce, child custody and financial meltdown. Without an understanding of the inside out nature of reality, he has no doubt at all that he would not have survived. On the contrary, he has thrived and now spends his working life spreading the word and helping others to obtain freedom from their own thinking.

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