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Soft Skills, Teambuilding and Event Specialist

We all have strengths and weakness however whether you’re a CEO or cleaner, soft skills training is vital to any organisation to ensure your company culture is united in it’s approach…united in giving the best for it’s staff and delivering the best for your customer.

The team at TBAE would like to share our working and teaching experience as we embark on a journey to a better you! Are you working for a better you? Let’s get started!

TBAE offers non-accredited soft skills courses focusing on behavioral competencies for improved interpersonal skills. These interpersonal skills are essential for building relationships of trust, empathy, and productive interactions within your team. TBAE offers more than 70 skills training courses including courses such as anger management, conflict resolution, change management, creative problem solving, organizational skills, personal productivity, stress management and work-life balance.

With the wide range of skills courses available, you can easily choose the perfect course to complement your conference or team building event. The interpersonal skills learned in these courses can often be more valuable to a team’s long term success than many specific occupational skills. TBAE's soft skills courses are offered as part of / or as a team building / enrichment option.

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