Cristian Fador

Business Consultant, CIP MBA

I started to work as a Business Analyst in 2000, when the topic was somehow in its infancy. At the time I was developing a reinsurance application and played the role of developer, business analyst and tester. That was my first introduction in the art of business analysis.

Three years later I joined a Business Analysis department in a major financial corporation and never looked back. Initially I started as a junior Business Analyst and as the years progressed I moved up through the ranks until eventually becoming the leader of the department.

I have participated to close to 100 projects, their size varying from small projects (less than $50,000 budget) to very large (over 10 million $), many times acting as a project manager.

Five years ago, I have been asked by some of my friends to get involved in their community and teach some Business Analysis courses for newcomers that were trying to apply for a job. That was an amazing and gratifying experience. It was amazing to see them growing from absolute novice to successful Business Analysts and landing jobs in the field.

After a few years of teaching both Business Analysis and Quality Assurance courses, I started to receive requests to teach on line and looking for a method to efficiently do this, I came across Udemy and embarked in this new venture.

I am absolutely convinced that you will enjoy my courses as I spare no effort to continuously improve them and make sure that the message I deliver is clearly received and understood.

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