Criss Ittermann

Owner, Coach & Adventurer - The Eclectic Tech

Writer Criss Ittermann is a revolutionary brainstormer and some people call her a "Renaissance Woman." In addition to an uncanny ability to come up with novel ideas, Criss has skills from computer repair and programming through graphic design, holistic healing, American Sign Language, writing and sculpting, and a wide range of experience in the small business world.

With keen perception and thorough processing, Criss can quickly take in and evaluate disparate information and come to unconventional conclusions. Whether she asks uncanny questions that provoke new ways of thinking, or she produces an unorthodox solution from her mental machinery, you can be certain that the ideas Criss produces will create subtle but important change.

When you want someone with an adventurous attitude to encourage you to solve your problem puzzles, ground-breaking ideas to bring a big difference to make you stand out in a crowd, or fresh solutions to age-old headaches, talk to Criss.

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