I've been a test prep and admissions tutors since 2003. I have also been a cyber security consultant since 2014. I started as an SAT and GMAT tutor with Princeton Review. Whilst in uni, I tutored students. I then became director of operations for the Princeton Review in Texas and Thailand. After Princeton Review, I was senior course director for Prep Zone Singapore, wherein I developed a system of instruction that guarantees non-native English speakers excellent SAT marks.

Over the last 5 years I've developed my own tutoring curriculum throughout SE Asia, Europe, and the US. I developed in-person and online courses. In the same time, I've travelled the world as a cyber security technical consultant, helping enterprise and governments build cyber security platforms.

My Udemy class will include both test preparation and admissions courses, and information security and privacy courses.


All of my courses are affordable. That is NOT because they are weak, poor quality, or ineffective. On the contrary. Because of my experience, I'd argue that my courses are amongst the best in the world.

They are also affordable. Why? Because test preparation is inherently unfair. If you have thousands of dollars, you can hire someone like me to sit in your living room and walk you through the lessons. That will always be true. But the information... the strategies, tactics, and knowledge... those should NOT be super expensive.

These courses teach you all you need and afford you the opportunity to ask questions. Take advantage of these in your training and you will do exceptionally well on your exams.

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