Craig Leckie

Psychic & Spiritual Medium, Author, Professional Numerologist & Psychic & Mediumship Development Instructor,

Craig Leckie is a Psychic & Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Holistic Therapist, Crystals Healer, Angel & Oracle Card Reader & Professional Numerologist And works throughout  the United Kingdom. As a natural Psychic & Spiritual Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Hopi Ear Candling Practitioner & Psychic & Spiritual Medium Tutor.

As a spiritual medium, I am still intrigued by the human quest for knowledge and proof of life after physical death.

We are constantly trying to make sense of our physical lives and often turn to spirit for help. The world of spirit can help – in a lot of different ways.

It is my aim, and my desire to help those that have lost direction & loved ones to find their way once more. With my guides by my side to help your loved ones offer you the guidance, you need.

It is not fortune telling, it is not about shock value, it is about using Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and psychic or spiritual intervention to help my clients. If you believe you could benefit from my help please do not hesitate to get in touch, Whether you stumbled across this page or somebody told you to visit it, you are here for a very good reason. Whatever you believe, I look forward to hearing from you...

Sometimes readings are all about ‘expectation’. Clients might want to hear about one specific issue that is affecting them. However, those in spirit might have other ideas.

However, please remember the little things such as ‘I never listened to Dad or Mum's advice when they were here – am I going to listen to what they have to say now they have passed over?’ But no matter what the reason is or what they say it is always comforting to know that family is always near by in our day to day life.

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