Clark Chamberlain

Storytelling Expert, Bestselling Author, Publisher

Clark Chamberlain is the publisher at Raven International Publishing, a small press publisher dedicated to producing high quality stories, equitable profit distribution, educating authors and giving back to the community.

As a publisher, Chamberlain, continues to emphasize the importance of targeting the story first before finishing the story. He works with each author to make sure the work is focused with the proper emotional impact before letting it go to print.

Chamberlain has worked over ten years in broadcast communications. He has been a journalist, copy editor, and news director with ABC. During this time he gained the deep understanding of telling powerful emotional stories that would grab readers and viewers, and move them to action. He is a natural teacher who pours the passion for his work into every class.

Chamberlain is an author of four novels and two comic book series. HIs work in fiction came from a desire to tell stories that could move readers to empathy and open them up to understanding other cultures and ideas.

Using his talents as a teacher and public speaker, Chamberlain, has been invited to lecture at various writing events. He is the host of the Book Editor Show and currently teaches writing and editing part time in his home town.

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