Cindy Battye

Wildfire Concepts

While receiving treatment for breast cancer, I created my first website... mostly for the distraction of it... Now, nine years later, I am not only (thankfully) cancer free, but through a series of exciting opportunities been able to start from complete zero knowledge, skill set and pretty much no cash... to create a successful online business - responsible for millions of dollars in digital sales, sharing over $600,000.00 in 2013 alone, directly to the thousands of affiliates that have chosen to partner with us.

I love creating new products, primarily based around the WordPress blogging platform and also lately cloud based software products (SaaS).

It's my passion to help people who are starting out, to be equipped with the tools to help avoid some of the common pitfalls out there - and actually start making money online faster and easier in a safe and nurturing environment.

My software products are simple to use, helping small business owners, affiliate marketers, email marketing list builders and blog owners, to increase their earnings, build their list faster, generate larger affiliate pay checks and just enjoy the process a lot more, with our fun to use themes and plugins.

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