Chris Wingard

Math Guy, Database Programmer

Chris is a full-time programmer analyst for a retirement organization. He insists it's more fun than it sounds. He is also a part-time math teacher at the local community college. Several years and 30 pounds ago, he was a full-time university math teacher.

Since 2007 he has taught courses ranging from Intermediate Algebra to Differential Equations, with class sizes varying from 6 to over 200 students. He has been tutoring math in person and online since 2000.

His educational background includes undergraduate Ivy League degrees in math and computer science, two master's degrees in math (one for "real" and one for "fun"), and an in-progress master's degree in computer science.

When not doing work stuff, Chris enjoys reading, playing the guitar and piano, eating, exercising to balance out the eating, traveling, Netflix, video games, and hanging out with his girlfriend and their cats. Six cats. So many cats.

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