Christopher Tompkins

CEO & Founder

With a passion for culture and an obsession for marketing and online networking, Christopher honed his talents for more than a decade throughout the world, including the UK, South Africa, China, and the US.

After gaining international experience and global proficiency, Christopher founded The Go! Agency to help companies harness the power of online marketing. The agency has risen to success due to his drive and competitive nature, which benefits the happy clients who share his business spirit.

A fundamental supporter of online marketing education, Christopher regularly speaks at national and international conferences, sharing the dais with Google and YouTube, at worldwide locations including London, Brussels, New York City, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Orlando, and Tampa. As well, he has authored many informative books and articles about online marketing and social media.

Christopher’s goals and desires have never wavered and is it woven into the philosophy of everything the agency does. He is devoted boundlessly to helping people leverage the power of online marketing to enhance their businesses.

Christopher is also a published author and his latest book “The Go Method: 22 Simple Steps to Creating a Social Media Strategy That Works!” is now available.

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