Christian Batist

Game Consultant & Lecturer

I provide online game consultancy, helping brands and companies develop and/or deploy their online game strategies, regardless whether its a virtual world, casual game or social game. I work with some of the most successful game companies in the world, such as Animal Jam, Stardoll, Spil Games, Studio 100, Dutch Game Garden, Youda Games, Mimesis Republic, Weeworld, Foot Locker Europe and Nickelodeon.

I believe in “practice what you preach”, so early 2010 I started working on my own property Perfect Earth, an online game for kids that gradually lets them discover about the impact of their actions on the environment. Players are explorers in a vast virtual Amazon Rainforest, where they discover all types of endangered animals and learn to live responsibly and sustainably in their own tree house. Any and all proceeds of the sales of courses on Udemy will go directly towards further development of Perfect Earth, so effectively you may be helping me 'crowd fund' the game.

Late 2012 I started teaching 3rd year students Multiplayer Game Design at the NHTV University in Breda, Netherlands. Working with students provided a lot of energy and fresh thinking, so when the opportunity knocked, I decided to start teaching ‘advanced games’ at Fontys’ Academy of Creative Industries. I also mentor several online and mobile game start-ups (Flow Studios, Stolen Couch Games, etc) in the area of business development, player acquisition and monetization. All in all lecturing (and preparing for it) and mentoring takes about 2 days out of my week.

Prior to starting my consultancy business, I worked for Habbo Hotel (Sulake Corporation) for 6 years, most recently in the role of Senior Vice President of Marketing and Advertising Sales.

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