Chris Diamond

Serial Entrepreneur & Lecturer at Udemy

Chris Diamond is an expert in various fields: time management, personal productivity, e-book publishing, graphic design, Internet marketing, hiring or outsourcing, and mobile app development for iOS and Android.

How he developed such variety of skills, instead of focusing on just one area?

Originally, Chris Diamond was born in Bulgaria. He travelled around the world to enhance personal development and meet new people. In New York, he graduated CUNY with honors and worked at the restaurant business to support himself in the "Big Apple." Chis has found a new passion in life: learning and becoming an entrepreneur. He has studied from some of the most successful mentors in business: Robert Kiyosaki, Dan Kennedy, Eben Pagan, Joe Sugarman, Ted Nickolas, Anthony Robbins, Frank Kern, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and many others! This resulted in personal transformation and he discovered a new path in life - entrepeneurship.

In 2010, he created a website on time management and personal productivity for business owners and entrepreneurs to reach their goals faster, especially in our fast-paced society.

In 2011, he started his own e-book publishing business on various topics: time management, personal productivity, money management & investing, outsourcing and Internet marketing. He became a best-seller in various categories on money management and banking at Amazon Kindle.

In 2013 he started to hire programmers and developed many mobile apps / games for iPhone and iPad - graphically designed by him. He succeeded in developing around 30 mobile apps, and as of 2014 he started to expand its development to Android.

Today (at the end of 2014), Chris is a father of 11 months old baby Nicole and happily married to his beautiful wife Tanya. While he works from home, it allows him to spend more time with his family and build a profitable online business at the same time!


Chris Comment:

- It's not enough to know a certain topic, but to understand it. Knowing is different from understanding, because when you understand you "know from experience." That's why speed of implementation would determine the results you'll get.

- All course materials developed by Chris Diamond (and associates) are coming from doing or experience. In other words, we play and practice with what we teach or "walk the talk."


Chris continues:

- Getting results for my students is what matter to me, because I believe through persistence and determination EVERYTHING is possible - even achieving my students' wildest dreams. When I help my students, I help myself in one way or another.

- That's why Chris is here to help. Are you ready?

Let's have some fun and get started!

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