Chris Cutter

Founder at LifeDojo

Chris Cutter is an educator, health and wellness coach, and science fanatic who has worked with thousands of people to change their life in dramatic ways. Chris has spoken throughout the United States covering topics like behavior change, best-practices in youth development, and elevating the importance of health & wellness in America's 90,000+ K-12 schools.

LifeDojo, Chris' latest project, is a partnership of world-class artists, designers and educators who care deeply about teaching essential life skills in a way that works. LifeDojo uses whiteboard-style animation, industry-best video design, and storytelling wizardry to make classes fun, engaging, and really effective.

Trained at the world's leading Master's of Social Work program in Saint Louis, and raised in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, Chris now lives in New York City with his wonderful wife and his close-knit group of friends.