Chris Seferyn

Hospitality Expert

Chris has 20+ years experience in building, owning and managing hospitality spaces. He has done many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. He excels at marketing, branding and leveraging social media in the digital age. After many years as an owner, he now loves helping other hospitality business owners open new places and make money from ones they currently have.

He is a co-founder of the Martini Corner Entertainment District in Kansas City, Mo. Started in 1994, Martini Corner now has 6 bars, restaurants and nightclubs. He started with Velvet Dog and continued to expand by purchasing and renovating commercial spaces. He has opened a variety of other nightclubs, sports bars, and restaurants including a Velvet Dog in the French Quarter in New Orleans. As the hip downtown district, Martini Corner is now a fixture in the Kansas City nightlife scene.

Chris has extensive experience in Design/Build specializing in the Hospitality Industry. Chris and co-designer Paul Drolet worked on hundreds of spaces from from 1996 to today. They focusĀ on ergonomics, color and visual design that makes a space stand out from the pack and make money.

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