Chris Lu

Internet Marketer

Greeting Everyone,
I am a professional online internet marketers. My expertise include a wide area. I go from affiliate marketing with Amazon being the most successful to Clickbank to CPA Offer. I offer my own product and coaching. I have been doing a online business for more than 5 years. From the old days of Google SEO to the current changes of GOOGLE SEO. I have learn what is working and what is not working. Having coach thousand of student and helping more than hundred of company to do SEO, I do understand how thing work today.

While many SEO expert say backlink doesn't work today that is because they do not understand about backlink. Today Google expert you to have quality backlink and not quantity backlink. More doesn't mean better here. If you know how to get backlink 4 is sufficient. While I say 4 I mean that is the minimum to get you rank.

Dive deeper with me into my journey.

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