Chereau Philippe

Philippe CHEREAU holds a Doctorate in Management Science, is a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship, and is the scientific director of the MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SKEMA Business School. He has specialized in strategic management of innovation and in the governance of Local Innovation Systems. He has held positions in international business development, general management and executive consulting. As an entrepreneur, he has contributed to the launching of two ventures in the field of clinical development. He has been life science expert for the French Entrepreneurship and Innovation contest. As a scholar, he conducts research on the relationships between strategy, innovation, business models and performance in SMEs. He is the co-author of the book "Le Conseil Stratégique pour l'Entreprise" (Pearson, 2014) and his latest publications include research in International Journal of Innovation Management (2014); British Academy of Management (Belfast, 2014), Strategic Management Society, (Madrid, 2014); Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Oxford, 2013; Macau, 2012); Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Tsinghua University Press, 2012); International Society of Professionals of Innovation Management (Quebec, 2010);

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