Chanchal (CC) Agrawal

Vici Lifehacker and Director of Communications

CC is a student entrepreneur currently living in Princeton, New Jersey. She majors in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and minors in Statistics. A frequent traveler, she has divided her life between living in India and the USA. Furthermore, she fuels her interest in exploration by constantly being on the move, visiting places like the UK, Spain, France, Thailand, Dubai, Mexico, and Canada, and aims to see more every chance she gets. Her current plans for 2018 include a one month trip to Estonia, known for having the highest number of entrepreneurs per capita. She learned karate as a child, learned kodenkan jujitsu for a couple months, and is actively seeking different forms of self defense to master. In the future, she aims to open an orphanage to raise children on the curriculum she is currently developing in the field of personal growth.

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