Chaim Goldberg

Educator, Spiritual Coaching, High school principal

I have been working in education with teenagers and young adult students for over thirty years. During my educational career, I served as a high school principal for over 15 years. One of these high schools was a special school for students with ADHD, where I worked for over a decade, helping students reach excellent achievements and facilitating their successful incorporation into the adult world in Israel. Over the years, aside from being an ordained rabbi, I have studied with rabbis who are part of the “chain of secret-keepers” of the Jewish nation. 

My experience has shown me that there is a huge gap between the world of maturing youth today and their conduct in schools (which are part of the organizational structure of the "Industrial Revolution").

In view of this gap, my team and I have developed a different way of working with students - a way that is more compatible with the "Information Age" and that leads to greater success!

As someone who has been working with adolescent youth who have ADHD for more than ten years, I can testify from my personal experience to the well-known fact that these special children typically have a high level of Emotional Intelligence. And it is clear that in the modern era, when every type of information is readily available to everyone, the role of the teachers has changed, and they must take this realm of Emotional Intelligence into account in their work.

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