Jeremy White

Survival Instructor

Jeremy White is a current survival instructor, teaching survival skills at schools near his home and travels to teach at camps for kids. Jeremy is an active outdoorsman and has completed many trips (sometimes by himself) into the wilderness and surviving for many days. His training includes with Search and Rescue, Sherif's Dept., and personally taught by a retired United States Air Force survival instructor. 

To compliment his survival training, Jeremy has also learned many things about surviving from his extensive travels around the world. He has learned how to 'survive' in other countries (sometimes by himself) and found ways to travel free and cheap! 

In June of 2015, Jeremy was struck with heart failure and is currently living on a mechanical heart, while he awaits a heart transplant. He is unable to work like he used to however during this time it has allowed Jeremy to put down on paper his skills and training for others to learn from. Also, due to his physical condition Jeremy seeks income from his Udemy course to pay bills and medical expenses. Jeremy would like to say a big thank you to all those choosing to purchase the class.


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