Cathey Painter

Health and Beauty Expert

Cathey Painter is a former Hollywood producer who said "you know what" it is time for me to report on the subject I am most passionate about, health and beauty. Her expert research skills have led her to uncover the most powerful anti aging strategies on the planet.

Strategies that will completely change the way you age.

Thousands of people turn to her site The Ageless Beauty Report for anti aging information they won't find anywhere else.

Cathey has studied with many leading edge experts, including orthomolecular specialist Dr. Andrew Saul, and world famous healer, Denie Hiestand.

A couple of years ago her life took a turn when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, something she would not wish on anyone. Thanks to her diligent research, her husband made a full recovery using natural protocols. The silver lining in all of this, many of these protocols are extremely anti aging. She literally watched her husband grow 10 years younger right before her very eyes.

A private health and beauty coach, Cathey's clients have experienced amazing, visable results implementing these simple, yet powerful protocols.

In today's world, Cathey believes that eating right, getting plenty of sleep and exercise are no longer enough. You need to super charge your body with simple, yet potent protocols that produce remarkable health and beauty results.

Cathey is excited to share her life changing discoveries with the rest of the world via Udemy so that everyone can Look Better, Feel Better and Age Less.

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