Carl Radley

Helping others by using experience as a guide

Hey, I'm Carl!

I am a British entrepreneur with a strong passion for business and helping others succeed. I have joined Udemy to share my knowledge and experience to assist people in their own personal development.

Let me tell you my story:

At 18 I left college and against the advice of my parents decided not to go to university and instead follow my deep urge to become an entrepreneur.

Every since childhood I have felt drawn towards enterprise and business, with a particular focus on new start ups and solo ventures. I started my own gardening business at age 12, offering to plant flowers in the neighbours garden for a small fee. I remember not being old enough to cut the grass but was content with the small jobs I was given. It gave me a buzz even at that age to generate income for myself.

This buzz of bringing ideas to life and turning a profit from them only grew with age and even today my mind always has at least 2 or 3 ideas bouncing around on how I might one day have the next "Facebook" or "Apple" in my hands.

Another thing that I have always loved is helping others whenever the opportunity arises. It feeds a similar urge to my entrepreneurial interests but stems from a much more human need to feel that I am contributing something of value to the world.

In the last 10 years I have worked on many projects as well as developed my experience in the corporate world. I have built a strong knowledge of sales, marketing and customer services within a multinational environment.

I am now based in Barcelona, Spain where I provide client services to one of the largest payroll companies in the world. Alongside this I continue to work on side projects and broaden my learning.

My decision to create courses on Udemy originated from a friend I had been helping to become more productive at work. He suggested I packaged the advice and guidance I was providing to colleagues and clients in the form of a course so that a wider range of people could benefit.

That is how my first course "More time less worry", was born.

I simply mapped out the process I myself had been through to overcome an issue with procrastination. I outlined the actions I took, methods I used and provided step by step instructions on how somebody with a similar problem would be able to benefit.

In 2016 I will continue to develop my range of courses in order to help people and provide informative and useful guides ranging from personal development to specific skills that I have learned and feel comfortable to teach others.

If you want to make small changes that will reap large benefits then my courses are aimed at you. I understand the value of personal development and believe learning new skills and continuously looking for opportunities to grow your self worth should last a lifetime.

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