Carlos Valentin

Android Developer

I started with android about 2 years ago right after my java course at Arizona State. However since I was in school, I only really focused on practicing and not making my own apps. Now that school is over, I am a full fledged android developer! I've published one app so far which is called RushTPO. This app serves to hold information about my fraternity and it is a testament to my skills. The ultimate goal with my development is to start my own app based company which my team and I will do very soon! 

Before that happens however, I wanted to take a moment to share everything I have learned so far with all of you. The main object of my course and the courses to come is to help you improve as an Android Developer. I believe there are enough beginner android courses on Udemy and I wish to take my students to bigger and higher heights. The learning curve is also tough and I know there were a lot of questions I had when I was starting out. Fortunately, I now have most of the answers to those questions and it's important I share these answers with all of you.

When I am not developing which is rare: you can catch me at the gym chasing a two plate bench, playing clash royale, or reading a good book about success stories. A great fun fact about me is that I was once addicted to playing chess but stopped once I found android development. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here but I will respond faster if you do so on Facebook! 

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