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  Lean Strategies International LLC is a community for Lean and Six Sigma professionals that was founded early in 2015.  It began as a contracting and consulting firm and later the vision transformed to give other lean and six sigma professionals and those who share the belief that the two continuous improvement strategies can work together for the benefit of the world a place to interact and learn.  Whether you are looking to share your skills, ideas or network to find answers Lean Strategies International LLC. is a place where everyone is welcome.  In 2015 development of Online courses began.  After collecting feedback from almost 5,000 students around the world, significant improvements were made and 2017 marked a special year of our newly formated courses.    Today, almost all courses are being updated to include interactive activities that help individuals and organizations alike drive results at the bottom line.  We continue to collect the voice of the customer and improve our online content regularly. If you're a lean or six sigma professional and you would like to share your wealth of knowledge with others or learn more about lean or six sigma and interact with others to spread the power of lean and six sigma enroll in a course by Lean Strategies International LLC today.  See you in Class!

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