William Sumner

Success Coach

Author, internationally sought-after speaker, and recognized leadership expert in coaching technologies. Committed to sharing his gift of lasting transformation with others, he has created The Inevitable You© Coaching System that blends leadership training and experience, military skills, social work background, and executive business knowledge

This background makes him one of the most unique coaches within the industry. A West Point graduate, Bill’s service to his country included Infantry, Ranger, and Special Operations roles at home and abroad. He rejoined civilian life as a leader in the telecom revolution of the ‘80s and 90’s and led successful initiatives across a spectrum ranging from sales and marketing to engineering and operations, serving in executive roles in both large corporations and small startups. Committed to encouraging others’ personal and professional success, Bill began formal success coaching in 1992 and completed his Masters in Social Work. . He worked as one of the top-rated speakers within the Anthony Robbins organization for 6 years, and grew his private practice using an eclectic blend of traditional content as well as cutting-edge technology such as neural linguistic programming, neural psychology, heart mathematics and other EQ based sciences, and hypnosis.

His speaking portfolio includes leadership, motivational, personal growth and development, and transformational psychology and tool sets, at the individual level as well as team and company levels. In addition, he is a subject matter expert on traditional business requirements such as sales, communications, strategic planning. He emphasizes the tools and exercises to accomplish the results and outcomes his audiences specify. He has also written four books and has risen as high as 9th for best sellers on Amazon.

He lives in Littleton, Colorado with his amazing wife Barbara, four children, and a grandchild.

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