Brooke Rutherford

Brand & Marketing Communications

Hi! I'm Brooke. I'm a digital marketing professional with an expertise in social media, branding and content strategy. I'm also one half of a London-based software consultancy firm (and blog) called London App Developer. We make training guides and courses for the developer community. :)

After earning a MA in Communication from the University of Ottawa, I moved to London, England to start a career in journalism, PR and social media. After a short time in this city, I moved into education and technology, and the two have been a passion of mine ever since! 

I've worked for struggling start-ups and billion-dollar companies. My experience has been diverse. But each role and project has given me a unique perspective on how to connect and develop long-term, meaningful relationships with customers to drive sales and growth for brands and business.

Though not a developer by trade - I am in business/married to one! My role on Udemy right now is to help support the delivery of our first course called BUILD YOUR BACKEND USING PYTHON & DJANGO REST FRAMEWORK. We hope you enjoy it!



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