Brian Hussey

Expert Cybercrime Investigator

Brian Hussey, EnCE, GREM, CCE, PMP, Q/EH,

Brian Hussey leads an elite team of Cybercrime Investigators working within US Federal Law Enforcement, His team has been responsible for investigating many of the most dangerous cyber attacks ever to threaten the United States and the fortune 500 companies that form its economic backbone. His team has pursued cyber criminals throughout the world and brought them to justice. Mr. Hussey's digital forensic analysis and testimony has resulted in Russian Point of Sale hackers, child predators, and malware authors from across the globe going to jail. He is a recognized expert in the fields of computer forensics, malware analysis, memory analysis, and cyber threat intelligence. Mr. Hussey has also designed network intrusion forensics and malware analysis training for US Federal law enforcement and our International partners. He has represented the United States by teaching these topics to the national police in countries such as: Ukraine, Japan, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Germany, Nigeria, India, and many others.

In 2011, Mr. Hussey decided the advanced cybercrime investigation techniques used by his team should be available outside of select Government circles and he began teaching at George Mason University in the Master of Computer Forensics program. In 2014, he founded IFCI to provide this same training to cybercrime fighters throughout the world. Mr. Hussey firmly believes that International cybercrime investigators working together, and armed with the proper training, can turn the tables on the relentless scourge of cyber crime.

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