Brian Göss

Bitcoin Education Project, Senior Fellow

Dr. Goss is a resident physician training in radiology at a leading medical institution in southeastern Minnesota. He received his medical degree from Rush University in Chicago in 2009, following a masters degree in biomedical engineering from the Mayo Clinic in 2006. Dr. Goss also holds a BA in Mathematics and a BS in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Rochester, received in 2002. Additionally, he holds patents in magnetic resonance elastography of the lung with his graduate school advisors.

Dr. Goss became interested in Bitcoin after reading Satoshi’s white paper in July 2010. Like many of the Bitcoin Education Project Fellows, he recognized the significance of the Bitcoin software and excitedly saw the revolutionary power of Bitcoin. In mid-2010, Dr. Goss effectively used his laptop to support the nascent Bitcoin network. While this tiny amount of computing power quickly became insignificant, he still believed in supporting Bitcoin. He was amongst the first traders on, the first online bitcoin exchange. He has written software for iOS to manage the public addresses in bitcoin wallets. Dr. Goss is one of the early members of the Bitcoin Foundation to which he is a lifetime member.

Currently, Dr. Goss is an active forum member participating in the accurate spread of bitcoin information. With enthusiasm he continues work in Bitcoin education as a senior fellow of the Bitcoin Education Project.

Areas of Interest

Social implications of Bitcoin, Political advocacy , Bitcoin history


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