Billy Williams

Profitable Price Pattern Trading

I've traded stock and options for more than 25 years, after watching "Wall Street" as a kid. Using my combat pay I saved up from deployment with the U.S. Army during Desert Storm, using that as my first stake to set out and conquer the markets to make my fortune.

I had planned to scale my $2,500 savings into millions but, as Mike Tyson said on boxing, "Everybody's got a plan until then get hit." And, no one, not even Iron Mike hits as hard as the stock market if you don't know what you're doing.

I went through the typical Boom & Bust cycles that all traders seem to go through. You start small, experience sudden success then scale up quickly, and once you're flush with cash then the painful downward spiral begins where you give back all your winnings and then some.

But, in the go-go 1990's, gold dust was in the air and everyone that could fog a mirror was a daytrader and jumped on internet stock craze. It was a dizzying time and even though I was still nursing my wounds from a few setbacks at the time, I clawed my way back with some big plays using price patterns in Microsoft, Yahoo, Dell, and AOL, all big names and movers in those days.

Those successes allowed me to figure out my own style of trading which let me build up from a few thousand dollars into a six-figure windfall, and have been following the markets ever since.

Today, I'm a frequent contributor to Futures Magazine, Advantage,, and other top financial publications as well as authored 3 books on trading stocks and options.

Price patterns form each day in the stock market in every time frame, but most traders only have a passing knowledge of them. Sadly, this lack of understanding is costing them money as well as golden opportunities if they would just deepen their knowledge a bit more.

This leads frustration and, most often, they quit in bitterness and despair.

I've seen and experienced more than my share of breathtaking successes along with soul-sucking failures both on a personal level and in working with other traders.

Here, I hope to help aspiring traders shorten the learning curve to successful trading by teaching the essential fundamentals and advanced methods in a simple, engaging way.

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