Bill Rice

Digital Marketing Strategist

Bill Rice is the owner and founder of Kaleidico, a digital marketing agency. Bill helps Fortune 500 companies create and execute digital marketing strategy on a daily basis. His agency offers a broad range of services in practice areas that include paid media, content marketing, email marketing, and social media.

Although servicing big brands consumes much of his time, Bill enjoys researching and teaching the finer points of strategy and execution in the digital environment. He especially appreciates the opportunity Udemy gives him to help smaller brands and small businesses access his proven digital marketing strategies. Bill Rice’s courses here on Udemy give you the benefit of his expertise and experience in delivering big web traffic and online customer acquisition results at a fraction of his typical consultation fee.

Digital Marketing is one of the richest opportunities in digital marketing. The Internet has become the universal, ubiquitous connector of billions of consumers worldwide, making it the most dominant advertising medium marketer have ever seen. Add to that the social networking and referral aspects of the Internet and you get the best place to focus your business marketing attention, online or offline.

Bill Rice believes in the power of Digital Marketing to grow your business in local, nationwide, and international markets. But, his passion for online and social media marketing goes beyond just an academic appreciation for digital marketing--it’s the way he grew this course to 300+ students in one week and continues to grow his multi-million dollar marketing agency.

All of these digital marketing strategies and tactics become yours when you sign up for any of Bill Rice’s Udemy Marketing courses.

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