Beth Ellen Nash


I am the founder of Wings to Soar Online Academy where we create Custom Learning Plans for Outside-the-Box Learners for grades pre-K through 12. I am also the Curriculum Integration, Individualization, and Intervention Specialist.

As a teacher, speaker, author, consultant, and educational coach specializing in dyslexia and online education, I share my expertise on homeschooling and special needs. I have also worked with students with learning disabilities that include ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, sensory and auditory processing issues and working memory challenges, as well as other challenges such as RAD, OCD, anxiety, depression, and victims of rape, along with those who otherwise learn differently from traditional schooling. I have taught, tutored, assessed, and / or consulted with hundreds of families with special needs at all grade levels, from pre-school through college.

I have my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education (1-9) from the University of Wisconsin—Madison School of Education, along with 16 years of experience working with struggling learners. Prior to founding Wings to Soar Online Academy in 2011, I spent eight years as the director and lead teacher at Hope Academy, a school for struggling middle and high school students in Madison, WI. I am also the author of Wings to Soar: Integrated, Multisensory Language Arts with Words You Really Use and am in the process of publishing Help and Hope for Dyslexia. I have taught, tutored, assessed, and/or consulted with hundreds of families with special needs, as well as spoken at homeschool conventions around the US on a variety of special needs topics.

Aside from teaching those with learning differences, I also enjoy developing and teaching Integrated Liberal Studies courses. Personal transformation is one of my great passions, along with organic gardening and my two Maine Coon.

I speak at homeschool conventions around the US on a variety of special needs topics:

Help and Hope for Dyslexics and Other Struggling Readers

Foundations in Phonological Awareness and Phonics for Reading and Spelling

Multisensory Ideas for Mastering Tricky Spelling Rulebreakers and Outlaws

Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person

I Just Forgot!: Attention and Memory

Homeschooling for Outside the Box Learning: Scaffolding for Success

Customizing Curriculum for Outside the Box Learners

Fostering Resilience and Well-Being

Teaching All Kinds of Minds

Habits of Mind and Strengths of Character

I'd love to hear your opinion of which of these I should develop into a Udemy course next!

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