Ben Kane Johns

Indie Game Developer and Teacher

My name’s Ben Kane Johns. I’m the creator of “How to create a Flappy Bird inspired iPhone in Swift 2” and ‘How to create a Mr Jump inspired iOS game in Swift 2.’

I strongly believe that:

·         Indie games development is driving the future of games.

·         Indie games development gives you the skills and freedom to create truly innovative and interesting games with MASSIVE potential.

·         There’s no time to waste: indie developers who start now - could be the business leaders of the games industry tomorrow.


Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been obsessed with gaming. From Super Mario Brothers to Pacman - I never left home without my tiny little Nintendo handheld.  One day when I was 16 years old - while washing dishes in a grimy fast food restaurant - I wondered how I could escape a life of grub work and turn what I loved doing, into a full time career.

I worked my socks off. Followed my vision. And today I’m just as devoted and fanatical about gaming as ever - except now I use that enthusiasm as a Udemy teacher and professional mobile games developer.  It’s a job that gives me and my lovely family an incredible lifestyle, and allows me lots of free time to pursue my hobbies - guitars and fast cars!

I love teaching people how to program… and seeing them go on to do inspirational things. Because once you learn how to create mobile games, the possibilities for your life and career are endless. I cannot wait to share these incredible skills with you, right here on Udemy. Join me today and let’s get to work.

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