"Old Navy" Gipson

Social Media Coach and Sports Application Blogger

In 2009 I was invited to play in a fantasy football league by a fellow veteran because "They were short a player" and needed me to join to hold their draft that night. I knew nothing about it, but knew a lot of my friends and those I served with played fantasy football.

Luckily, I drew the first pick in the draft, and at the same time was conducting google searches for "best fantasy football players" in that upcoming season. I took Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and went all the way to the championship that year as a rookie in 2009.

I love this game so much I want to share it with you. Instead of being like me, and jumping right into the frying pan, watch my course on the basics of fantasy football. If you already watch NFL football and understand the game, this is the course for you to finally get into the game!

There are additional courses to help you this upcoming 2017, but at a cost. The added benefit of taking my cost courses will be the direct communication you receive from me personally afterward. Many years in the Navy as a recruiter I enlisted men and women into the Navy, and kept in touch with them throughout their careers. I plan to treat my students here the same way!

Having led many Sailors over my 23 year career in the Navy I know how to simplify things and make them fun. Combining my 7 years of experience in fantasy football,  and as a member of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA)  you have already more of an edge then when I did by learning on the fly. Take advantage of my courses today!

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