Balasa Prasad

Inventor of The Turning Point Program, Psychiatrist & Author

Balasa L. Prasad, M.D, is a psychiatrist and anesthesiologist who
for over 35 years has helped thousands of patients overcome their addictions at his behavior management clinic in Mount Vernon, New York. He is the author of “The Turning Point: Conquering Stress with Courage, Clarity and Confidence.“ He has also written a series of books, “Stop Smoking For Good,” “Stop Gambling For Good and “Stop Overeating for good.” He has been featured in the New York Times, New York Post, “O” magazine, Elle Magazine, Inside Edition and “W.”

A few words from me.

“As a first year resident in psychiatry, I helped a patient who suffered from deep guilt which resulted in depression and vocal cord paralysis. Using my philosophy coupled with the Turning Point Treatment, I was able to help her resolve her inner conflict and she got over her depression, was able to talk normally and lead a normal life again. When I heard her speak the first word loud and clear, that was my aha moment that I had something special to offer.

Over the past thirty years as a psychiatrist and an anesthesiologist, I have perfected the art of using Brevital Sodium, with my ground breaking philosophy “Universal Sense” and the concept of “Naturization” to help people overcome their stress, addictions, phobias and unhealthy habits. I have put all my knowledge into my book “The Turning Point:Conquering Stress with Courage, Clarity and Confidence.“ Many of my patients have asked me for material to help refresh the core principles of my work. Now by creating this course I have given you the step by step detailed instructions to Conquer Stress in the comfort of your home.

Stress is the root cause of many problems and hence eliminating it for good will put an end to the suffering and misery it brings. You have the right to wear a smile and live a healthy, peaceful and productive life."

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