Ashraf Jandali

Photographer and trainer

I am a communication engineer, photography is my hobby and I put a lot of efforts to learn it in the past 3 years.

I always believed in the importance of the post processing after I saw the huge difference between processed and unprocessed images, for that reason I learned every thing about Lightroom and reached a stage to know every setting in it and what does it do.

HDR images are a type of photography that we normally like to try, but soon we will realize how artificial it is, digital blending is the manual way to create HDR images therefore you have all the control on the result you will get, and thats when I have studied all about digital blending and started to create stunning images effect that is close to reality and enough to grab your attention.

I have taken many courses and watch huge amount of youtube videos, finally I have collected all this information and combined it in a material that suites all the beginners to start their journey in the post processing as easy as possible.

Training became my passion and I have conducted many courses to hundreds of students in many countries, I have developed a technique in my training to make it informative, easy to digest and fun to attend.

Finally my advice to every student is " Never Stop Learning"

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