Ashmoret Mishal - Developer of The Ultra Leadership Method 

Ashmoret "Ash" Mishal (24) is the youngest Israeli ultra runner female and the developer of the Ultra Leadership Method training.

Since age 19, she has ran 9 full marathons, and 4 ultra marathons (60K,100K,144) including the longest 125 miles in 2015. Ash served the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) for two years as an outdoor leadership trainer, and for the past years had worked as the running & leadership trainer for the security and special forces and corporations. Ash's background is in physical and running education (2009), wilderness therapy (2013) and psychology B.A (2015). After years of research in experience in both endurance sports and leadership & psychology fields, she realiazed that both skill sets directly complement each other, and there for she developed the Ultra Leadership Method - a unique kind of mind and management training through physical endurance exercising, known as the Ultra Leadership Method.

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