Arman Goshtasbe

Success Trainer: Teaching Mindset and Practical Strategies

Having coached 2,800+ professionals and college students over the last 8 years, I leverage my background experiences as a Fortune 500 Director and Personal Development Specialist to coach people on their life goals, specifically goals relating to their career and mindset. Most recently, I have spent the last few years as a life and career coach serving college students and professionals in the Southern California job market from Santa Clarita, Downtown LA, The Valley, Inland Empire, Long Beach, Orange County all the way down to the San Diego area. As a result of my successes for clients and their loving encouragement to take my unique training nationwide, I am currently the founder of - A training organization committed to Promoting the Prosperity of Mankind.

In addition, I present at live training events, give one-on-one coaching in person or over the phone and have been endorsed by professionals from the sales, healthcare, technology, higher education, manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries.

  • Specialties

    ~ Mindset Coaching (Removing limiting beliefs, empowering individuals, opening up new perspectives on life)

  • ~ Career Guidance and Advising

  • ~ Awareness Coaching

  • ~ Leadership

  • ~ Significant knowledge in the fields of Quantum Physics, Psychology, Ontology, NLP, Metaphysics and World Religions

  • What makes my approach towards training unique?
  • ~ I incorporate insights from the seemingly contradictory fields of Scientific & Religious Knowledge. In reality, they are in harmony.
  • ~ I share many stories throughout my training of people that I've advised over the last 8 years. Stories give participants real world insights from people's experiences.
  • ~ You will learn not only practical strategies but will learn various mindset strategies as well. I strongly encourage and empower participants to empower their minds first! "What do I need to do?" to reach a life goal comes after we've done the mental work.
  • ~ Being very passionate about all the peoples of mankind living a prosperous life, I tend to get very animated and loud at times during my training sessions. Throughout the years I've been told that this makes the learning more enjoyable and entertaining. Hope you think so too! :)

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