Anya Hricko, Ph. D.

Somatic Psychologist, Certified Reflexologist, Life Coach

Anya Hricko, Ph.D. was on the leading edge of Reflexology receiving certification in the early 1970’s. She is a Master Reflexologist who has been featured on radio, TV and in several publications. She brings to her profession 40 years of clinical experience and 37 years of teaching experience with a diverse and eclectic background offering a unique blend of skill, competence and depth to her work and teaching.

She is the former director of the Pioneer Valley Reflexology Center where she taught hand and foot reflexology and provided private sessions and consultations for 15 years.

She later founded the Soma Wisdom Institute as a vehicle to integrate her extensive background in bodywork with the leading edge of psychology.

Dr. Anya is excited to offer her expertise and passion to the students at Udemy with hopes of inspiring them to live a full and healthy life.

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