Mandal Anil

Online Security Specialist

If i say about my professional live its not much as its seem, currently working as system admin in private firm happy with earnings and spend most of my time with opensource

program coding and create explore security related features in Information Technology world (usually its call Hacking)

I am born in India and currently working in the USA. My interest in technology goes back as far as 15 years ago when the Internet is blooming. As I get more and more

into it. I also realise the system has a lot of vulnerable loophole. If the bad guy catches a glimpse of it, it would cost your life upside down. Not possible? Think again,

everything that you do online can be trace back to you, every detail you transmit online is never secure (unless some form of encryption is use which most of us do not use).

Your email can be read before it reach the destination. You think is impossible or not important because it has never happen to you, when it does it will be too late. Take

simple precaution. My company has a strict policy that all employee follow, even thou there is still way to bypass (nothing is 100% secure in online world) but it does cover

90% of it. The other 10% will be cover soon this year. But other loophole will surface so keep yourself updated is the only way.

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