Andris Lanka

Teacher and business developer / Teacher @ heart

I started my first business when I was 21. A language school. Now 20 years later it has several thousand students, 16 locations in several countries. Run by 100+ in house staff and partners.

I've had my ups and downs, but through these years I have acquired experience in various matters that I would like to share and see how that helps others in their context. 

From education standpoint - I have BA in English, MA in English, Mini MBA in Business and a whole bunch of smaller degrees and courses. At the same time I have also acquired a PhD in the school of hard knocks having first hand knowledge of how to go from deep in debt to 7 figure brick and mortar business. And now Gunita and I run 4 businesses taking us all over the world on regular basis meeting great people and impacting thousands of lives. 

However, my greatest achievement and treasure is Roberts, Annika, Linda and Krisjanis - four super wonderful kids that I believe will achieve far more than their parents ever dreamed of. 

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