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Andrew Facca began mentoring in childhood. An innate leader and athlete he was selected by his peers to captain, train & player coach dozens of soccer & basketball teams. An intuitive capacity to envision complex business plans in a flash emerged in his teens and led to early success & the creation of several businesses with hundreds of employees.

With early success also came chronic back pain, migraines, health issues, severed relationships, heart ache and depression. Then after hitting rock bottom he was lifted by Amazing Grace to a state of awe and profound gratitude free of suffering. Progressively he healed or improved everything. With an immense compassion for all those who have suffered as he did he gave up business and the pursuit of success to do his best to help others in need. This led him to the door of world renowned healers, doctors & scientists including David R Hawkins MD. In the process, the intuitive capacity in business further evolved into heightened states of clairsentience and claircognizance where it often became possible to know the underlying hidden contributors to nearly anyone's illness or issue.

Andrew is a film producer, author, speaker and a spiritual healer. He is the creator of the Voyage to Betterment, The Body Mind Spirit Challenge and Samyana Spiritual Healing. Samyana is sanskrit for Voyaging Together. The common theme of the work is to help others experience that we are not helpless victims to thousands of diseases, injury or heart ache. Instead there is a power deep inside each of us, that can prevent, heal, reverse or improve nearly anything. The work has been featured in theatres, Colleges, yoga studios, churches, magazines, newspapers, radio and TV, including the CBC, CTV, CTS & City TV Breakfast. He also found it possible to get answers to any questions in life by sitting on a Rock in Sedona, so he does a lot of that too.

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