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Founded by Andrae B. Ricketts and Lysbeth Ricketts. ALTTR INC. has been  a concept in Andrae’s mind since 2008. During this time, Andrae has used his free time to travel to schools and churches in the hopes of motivating and altering the minds of youth, guardians, parents and adults in his community, from the state of mind that Society has conditioned them to think.

In September of 2014 Andrae decided to dedicate his life full-time to his passion of doing all that he can to bring a change to his community and those abroad. He left his Job and along with his wife Lysbeth Ricketts, they created this organization geared towards Motivational Speaking, Preaching, Leadership Mentoring, Educational Guidance, and Health /Diet Emphasis.

Andrae is also an Christian Author, having self published the first book of his"Young Virgins Series" entitled "Raising The Foundations: Understanding The Character of Jesus Christ".

We see that pertinent knowledge and information (whether spiritual or secular) is being kept from our community, to prevent its progression. Our goal is to empower the minds in the community by altering their thoughts, habits, and actions, in the hope for a better future.


ALTTR INC. understands that there is a generational cycle that has infected our community, country and world. For decades, society has conditioned our people to think on an average level, creating a group of young people who will grow up, live average lives, and influence their children to do the same. Without knowledge of the advantages that have been afforded them, our community has become satisfied with the notion that since society stands against them, they can only be but so much. It is our belief that this cycle can be destroyed by addressing the this  perspective on social, economic, educational, health, and religious based issues.

Our mission begins by encouraging the all to invest within, instead of without. If there is a change that we want to see, there is a work that we must do in ourselves. Motivation and words of encouragement will do little if there is a lack of action to back it up. The purpose of our organization is not to do for the people, but to teach the people how to do for themselves.

Through our various programs, we mentor, teach and encourage all that we come across to take the knowledge that they have learned back to their homes, schools, jobs, churches and communities, for its empowerment and growth. We will show you the path and how to walk it, the question is, “What will you do with this knowledge?”


"To Alter Our Conditioned Way Of Life."




"To End The Suffering Of Our Community Due To Their 

Lack Of Knowledge."



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