Kunal Ghosh

Educator & VLSI Expertise from IIT Bombay India

Kunal Ghosh, an Engineer by qualification and Educator by interest. It gives me great energy to help students to understand the Concepts of VLSI and Chip Design used in semiconductor Industry and assist them to achieve goals in Professional world. My course are product of simple Principle I follow at work, Keep it Simple and Sweet, All my lectures are full of info-graphical video, where pictures speaks louder then my words.

Now, to be really successful in the field of VLSI and Semiconductors, you need to take the courses in below order:

1) VLSI Academy - Physical design flow

2) VLSI Academy - Clock tree synthesis - Part 1 & 2

3) VLSI Academy - Signal Integrity

4) VLSI Academy - Static timing analysis (Can be taken in between)

5) VLSI Academy - Circuit design and SPICE simulations Part 1 & Part 2 (This is the core of VLSI, so you can take it in beginning or end)

6) VLSI - Essential concepts and detailed interview guide (This course is a glimpse of all above courses, but for details of each topic, you need to take course 1) to 5).)

Connect with me for more guidance !!

Hope you enjoy the session best of luck for future !!

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