My name is Alvaro Avila. I've been teaching guitar for more than 25 years. My method is unique and that's why many people call me for lessons. I visit my student's homes to teach.

A few years ago I decided to record a step by step video course to help people learn starting from ZERO. it's been a great success in the Spanish speaking countries. At the same time I recorded the ENGLISH version which I did not promote a lot, due to the difficulty of competing worldwide. Now with UDEMY as a great platform with tools to help us, Teachers and Instructors, I have the opportunity to share my lessons with English speaking countries as well.

I studied Music as a carrer at Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (my country) and have worked as a Musician, Teacher, Sound Mixer, Studio Production, Live concerts (at the mix board), composing, Arranging, directing musical Bands, you name it. But in the last 5 years I have dedicated all my efforts only to my online Courses which have been succesful in the Spanish speaking countries, so I hope to share my skills with the English speaking world now that UDEMY is on my side.

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