Alicia D'Annunzio

Vici Lifehacker and Songwriter Extraordinaire

Alicia Rayne is a creative, a visionary, and a professional free spirit. She is a co-founder of The Youth of Transformational Leadership Council, a Mindvalley University alumna, and a freelance musician. She is the lead vocalist and plays multiple instruments for the band Soulfish, which opened for Lou Gramm of Foreigner in 2016. When she isn't busy shocking the world with her brutal honesty, she enjoys activities such as singing so loud the neighbors pound on the walls and eating an entire loaf of sourdough bread in one sitting. But most importantly, her passions for philosophy and mindfulness have inspired her to assist in the creation of online courses that will help other youths to authentically and joyfully live their lives to the fullest. Her work with Vici Lifehacker has allowed her to combine personal growth with music to become a teacher of harmony! Alicia is currently living with her family in Rochester, NY as she continues her journey with the Vici team. 

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