Alex Steffen

Marketing Expert | Founder of Moonlander

Hi, I’m Alex T. Steffen. I’m an strategic marketing consultant specialising in brand leadership for startups and large companies (SAP, Philips). Before that I was business development executive at multiple companies and agencies in Europe and the Americas. I also maintain a personal site called howilead on which I interview exceptional leaders in business, government and education.

⇨ “Alex, this is freaking awesome and brilliant" - Cecilia Tham, Mastermind, Makers of Barcelona

I'm all about innovation and doing things more effectively. Through my career as a marketing professional, my partnerships, and the products I build, I try to leave everyone in a better position than I find them.

I want to reach 1,000,000 people and make a difference. I want to grow my work and travel the world. I want to work for companies who are making a difference. 

⇨ What makes me UNIQUE: Clarity | Speed | Courage

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