Alex Ramos

Professional Value Investor

I've been a professional value investor for over 10 years working at various prestigious hedge funds as well as international private equity funds. Recently, I've begun the process of creating my own hedge fund that buys and sells US and Latin American equities. I've been obsessed by how markets work and I've spent a tremendous amount of time honing my craft. Over the last 10 years, I've developed my own system in how to analyze companies. While I'm a value investor at heart, I've studied pretty much every investing methodology under the sun and I've managed to salvage useful concepts from all of them. Students will see just a little of this in this course, which is really about explaining value investing from the perspective of the long-term investor. I believe the best learning process is to start out messy, overwhelm yourself with lots of information, and put it into a cohesive structure by prioritizing, testing, and eliminating concepts and ideas. This takes time, but it forced one to make a subject that they understand intimately.

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